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Post time: 2022-06-14 06:22
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The importance of  the quality score in Google Job Function Email Database AdWords . It is clear that if you manage to raise your Quality Score, the results of your ads will also improve... but the reality is not that simple. If we focus too much on a single metric, it can happen that the trees do not let us see the forest, and in many cases this is what happens with the quality index. That's why today I want to give you a more global view to help you decide  which metric to focus on to Job Function Email Database get results in Google AdWords. Quality Score is really the most important metric of Google AdWords Doubts about the quality index in AdWords As you probably already know,  the quality index or Quality Score  is calculated based on  three factors : the expected click-through rate, the relevance of the ad and the experience of the landing page. The best ads get the best scores, and Google AdWords "rewards" them with higher positions on the results page, which ultimately leads to lower costs per click and more conversions.

The theory makes sense and, in most cases, it works. But it Job Function Email Database is also necessary to keep in mind that the Quality Score is still an internal Google metric. With it, the search engine makes sure that the ads that appear offer a good experience to the user, which in turn prevents them from going to another search engine. Although it is a good indicator, as an advertiser what you really want to measure are the results of your ad. There are several  studies  that Job Function Email Database correlate the quality index with the cost per conversion. Let's see what their results are: According to a study carried out by WordStream in 2013, having a Quality Score above the average (in this case, 5) represents a reduction in the cost per acquisition of 16% for each point. That is, a quality index of 6 represents a savings of 16%, a quality index of 7 represents a savings of 32%, and so on.

Another study by Portent from the same year, which Job Function Email Database  more than 40,000 keywords used by small businesses, concluded that the greatest benefits in terms of cost per conversion occur when going from a quality index of 2 to one of 3 The difference between the keywords with quality index 2 and 10 was more than 90%. However, a third more recent study by Disruptive Advertising shows that  the reality is more complicated than it seems . And it is that although a higher Quality Score seems to be related to a lower cost per acquisition, this trend does not behave in a predictable way. In fact, a one-point increase in quality score only results in a 13-16% reduction in cost per acquisition once in a hundred. What should I pay attention to then to get results Job Function Email Database Google AdWords? The fact that the relationship between quality index and cost per acquisition is not perfectly linear does not mean that we should discard this indicator, but it does mean that there may be  other aspects to optimize that will bring us more benefits . In this regard, many times we focus on doing things better, when in reality what brings us the most benefits is to stop doing things wrong. Or, in the case of Google AdWords,  stop investing in keywords that are not bringing us results.


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